Cleveland Photographic Society
Photo Scavenger Hunt

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get the most out of your Scavenger Hunt experience, we've assembled a list of Frequently Asked Questions. This page should answer most of your questions, but feel free to email us for any questions not answered here.

I can't see the Scavenger Hunt images — how do I participate?

In order to see the contest images, you need to create a free account. Click the Sign-Up / Sign-In link on the Scavenger Hunt website to get started. All we'll ask for is your name and email address - which will be used solely for communicating Scavenger Hunt information and updates. Once you register, you'll receive an email with information on uploading your images and other helpful information.

I want to sign-up with a group of my friends — how do I do that?

The registration page offers the option to register as an individual or as a team. If you register as a team, you'll need to designate a Team Leader and a master email address for the Team account. You'll also enter the names and email addresses of up to four total team members - who will all use the Team login information to access the account and upload images.

I have more than four people who want to be on my team — how do I do that?

The contest is configured to allow a maximum of 4 registered members per team. Technically, more than four people can participate and Team leaders can share the upload link with anyone they wish, but please keep in mind that most Team prizes are targeted for up to four participants.

I started as an individual participant but now want to form (or join) a Team. How do I do that?

Simply stop using your individual account and either form a Team of your own or ask the Team Leader of the Team you wish to join to add you as a Team Member and provide you with the Team login information. You will need to re-upload your images to the Team site.

I started as a Team member, but want to go it alone as an individual. How do I do that?

Ask the Team Leader to remove your name from the Team list and simply create a new account for yourself as an individual. (Removing your name from the Team list is more of a housekeeping issue than anything else and you don't need to wait for that to be done before you establish your own account). You will need to re-upload your images to your new account.

Okay, I'm signed-up and I can see the pictures on the web, but I'm low-tech and proud and don't have a device that I can carry into the field with me so I can see the pictures. Am I out of luck?

Certainly not! Once you're logged-in to your account, at the top of the page you'll find a pdf file that contains all the pictures that have been released to date. You can download this file and print it so that you can take the pictures with you. The file shows four pictures per page to strike a balance between viewablity and saving trees. Each time we add pictures, the pdf file will be updated - and remember that you have the option to tell the printer to only print the pages you specify so that you don't have to keep printing the entire document each time.

Some of the pictures look like they were taken indoors — does this mean I need to go inside every building in the area too???

A few select images were taken inside popularly-frequented buildings that are accessible to the general public during normal operating hours. These are generally large, popular open areas that house multiple retail locations, so don't feel the need to walk in to every business on every street! All of these locations are accessible during the work week and on Saturdays, but not all may be open during evenings and/or Sundays.

How do I upload pictures to the site?

Use your normal protocol to download your pictures to your computer - perhaps saving contest images to a new file in a readily accessible location. Log-in to your account and click the upload area directly to the right of the matching image. You'll then be able to browse to the location on your computer where your images are stored and upload your images to the site. To save yourself some upload time, you may want to resize your images to a target resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels at 72 dpi - but if your eyes just glazed over as you read that, simply upload the pictures that you have. Only jpeg images can be uploaded to the site (jpeg is the default file type for all cameras and smartphones so you won't need to do anything special). PLEASE NOTE: Because there's always the remote possibility that the website could crash or need to be restored to a previous version for technical reasons beyond our control, we strongly suggest that you keep copies of all the pictures you submit. At the end of the contest, prize winners may also be asked to submit their original pictures for verification purposes, so ALWAYS keep a copy of your originals.

I'd like to upload pictures to the site directly from my smartphone. Can I do that?

As the contest starts, the website is very phone-friendly but an upload app is not yet available. You'll be able to see the images and all site content but you won't be able to upload the images directly from your phone until the app is live. Watch the updates page for a link once the app is available. Even after the app is up and running, we recommend that you save the picture to your phone as a backup instead of simply uploading the image directly to the site without saving.

Some of the images are very specifically cropped or depicted in black and white. Do my images need to exactly match yours to qualify?

We're primarily interested in content and subject matter - NOT in the way your images are rendered. If you show more of the subject in your picture than we do in ours but still show that you found the right location, your image will be accepted. Same thing with color vs. black and white - if we can tell from your picture that you located and recorded the correct subject, you're good to go.

How will I know if an image has been accepted?

We will be periodically reviewing the images you submit. When an image has been accepted, the background color of the image will turn green. If an image is determined to be unacceptable, the background will turn red and you'll need to re-submit. If an image is rejected, a notification email will be sent to the master email address on your account. Reviews will occur as frequently as possible but don't get concerned if some time passes between when you submit your image and when it gets accepted or rejected. Please remember that all decisions of the judges are final and cannot be appealed.

I made a mistake in uploading a picture — can I replace it?

Simply click on any photo you've uploaded and you'll be asked if you want delete it. Once deleted, you'll be able to upload a replacement in the same way you add new images. Once an image has been accepted, it will be locked so that you can't accidentally delete it. PLEASE NOTE: Any Team member can delete or replace any image on the Team account.

I don't see all 125 images — am I doing something wrong?

In order to keep things from getting overwhelming, we'll be releasing the contest images in batches of 25 photos at a time. When the contest starts, the first 25 images will be available and we'll be adding a batch of 25 photos at a time on or around the 10th of each month until all 125 images are posted. At this rate, all images will be available by July, giving you plenty of time to locate and duplicate each image before the contest ends on November 4.

Do I need to find all 25 images in each release before I can move to the next batch?

No. New images will automatically be added to your account as they are released and you'll have the entire contest period to find them.

How will I know when new images have been released?

Check the updates page on the website for news on image releases as well as field trip dates, times and locations, additions to the list of prize sponsors and other useful information - or simply log-in to your account to see the new images.

I'm not really familiar with downtown, but I'm eager to learn. Can you provide any help?

To help you stay within the contest area, you may want to download and print the Map from the website. We'll also be hosting a total of seven field trips throughout the contest period to help you feel more comfortable in exploring the area in a group setting. Check the updates page for dates, times and meeting locations. Please keep in mind that its always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings when visiting any urban area - be safe and enjoy!

I think I found where a contest image was taken but the subject appears to be defaced or missing. What do I do?

Please notify us immediately if you find that the content of a posted image has substantially changed. We will investigate and remove any photo from the contest that can no longer be identified and duplicated by every entrant. Please remember to play fair and keep the contest fun for everyone by leaving each photo site exactly as you found it.

Do I/we need to find all 125 images in order to win a prize?

Not necessarily. Prize winners will be determined based on the maximum number of correct images submitted in each of the four contest categories. Once the contest ends, we'll compile a list of potential prize winners in each entry category and post individual and Team names on the updates page. In case of a tie, prize winners will be chosen by a random draw of eligible entrants. All prizes will be awarded and notifications will be sent to the Master email address on each winning account. Prizes will be awarded on or before December 21, 2012 and prizes must be claimed no later than January 31, 2013. Any unclaimed prizes after that date will be awarded to the next eligible entrant. You assume responsibility for any applicable taxes.

I went to review my photos and some of them appear to be missing? What happened????

While we do our very best to maintain the website in continuous operational manner and keep frequent backups of the site and all uploaded images, there's at least the possibility that the site could crash or need to be restored to a previous state. Remember that you are responsible for your own images and that we always recommend that you keep your own back-up of the images you've uploaded. If you're a member of a Team, also remember that any Team member can delete any images that have not yet been approved for any reason and at any time.