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All About CPS

The Cleveland Photographic Society has been in continuous operation since its founding as the Cleveland Camera Club in January, 1887 - making it (by our research) the sixth-oldest organization of its type in the country. But far more important than a storied past is the fact that, after 125 years and counting, CPS is also stronger than its ever been - making it one of the largest and most active photography groups in the country.

CPS is: Photographers helping photographers.
One of the primary missions of the club is photographic education – and our calendar is full of events to help photographers of all levels expand their horizons and knowledge.

CPS is: Photographers helping the community.
Each year, CPS photographers donate thousands of hours photographing events for community service organizations in Northeast Ohio. Our efforts have twice been recognized with national awards from the Photographic Society of America.

CPS is: Field trips.
We pride ourselves on the frequency and diversity of the field trips we offer – many providing unique access to places not accessible to the general public.

CPS is: Competitions.
Sixteen times each year, members are presented the opportunity to enter images in club competitions. Outside judges review and comment upon each image entered, with an emphasis on helping each photographer learn and grow.

CPS is: School programs.
Three times each year, we offer classes in Fundamentals of Good Photography and Photoshop Elements Photo Editing. Each course offers a thorough yet personalized experience that can provide novice and intermediate photographers a solid grounding in every facet of the photographic artform.

CPS is: Welcoming.
We truly strive to make each visitor, guest and new member feel instantly welcome and a part of things. We offer a variety of photographic experiences meant to appeal to all interests and skill levels, challenges to encourage continuous growth - and personalized assistance to help each member become the photographer s/he wants to be.

CPS is: Proud of our history – and excited about our future!
Far from being a stodgy senior citizen as we celebrate 125 years, we are a vibrant, active and growing club that keeps pace with the constant evolution of the photographic art and embraces fresh ideas at every turn.

Interested in learning more?
Check our web calendar and join us for a meeting or event. You can also email us.

We hold our meetings at:

9543 Broadview Road
Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147

Our mailing address is:

PO Box 470303
Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147