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The Photo Scavenger Hunt Has Ended!

After all these months, all that shoe leather and perhaps a wee bit of frustration along the way, The Scavenger Hunt has come to its conclusion. THANK YOU to all who took the time to join us in what we hope you found to be a fun, interesting and perhaps even slightly educational experience. Sincere Thanks also to our many prize sponsors, all of whom are listed on our Partners page. We hope you'll keep their generosity in mind the next time you're looking for a place to dine, stay or purchase.

In the next few days, we'll be contacting all of you who will be eligible for a prize, but we hope that many of you will plan to join us at the Awards Night on November 15 whether you're a prize winner or not. Scroll down this page for further details or watch your email but we hope to see as many of you as possible that evening!

Final thanks to all those who made this adventure possible, including our promotional parnters at Downtown Cleveland Alliance, CoolCleveland and the Historic Gateway Neighborhood Corporation - and especially to all of the dedicated volunteers at the Cleveland Photographic Society who made all of this possible!

This site will remain online indefinitely for your reference - and look here soon for a downloadable document, showing the exact location of each image in the contest. And who knows, maybe we'll do something like this again sometime.....

Here's Some Important Info As We Start to Wind Down!!!

As this is written, a little less than one week remains in the Scavenger Hunt! (And in answer to all your questions - NO - no one has yet posted 'Attendant'!).

STANDINGS As we wind down and as you frantically work to find and post those last few images, we'll be providing you daily counts of our standings. Check back here daily and click this link to see where YOU stand!

PRIZES By popular request, here is a complete list of prizes to help you choose from all the goodies we have available for our top-ranking Scavengers. There are a few more prizes pending, so check back often and start filling out your wish list!

A few housekeeping matters:

The contest will officially end at 11:59:59pm on Sunday, November 4. While we probably won't be looking at the atomic clock to make sure we shut things down at EXACTLY that time, please know that we can't guarantee that you'll be able to upload any further images after midnight on Monday, November 5.

After the contest ends, we will post the final standings and make every attempt to email all those who should be in prize contention. Those people MUST attend the awards ceremony on November 15 or send a designate in their place who can pick their prize. If you absolutely cannot attend and can't send someone, please EMAIL US as soon as possible so that we can discuss your options.

Keep checking this UPDATES page for further info. And GOOD LUCK with those last few images!

Our LAST Field Trip is Scheduled for Sunday, October 14 - Hope You'll Join Us!

It seems like only a few weeks ago - and several pairs of worn-out shoes for many of you! - since we held our first Scavenger Field Trip at Tower City. Yet now its time to start wrapping things up - but in a special way. Our last Field Trip will meet at the new headquarters of the law firm of Calfee, Halter and Griswold, located at 1405 East Sixth Street. This beautifully-restored historic building recently opened for business and Scavengers will be able to view firsthand the grandeur of the restored main lobby. To watch a short video of the stunning restoration of this building, click this link Calfee is also a primary Scavenger Hunt sponsor and we're most appreciative of their support. We hope that YOU can join us on Sunday, October 14 at Noon!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Scavenger Prize Presentation Scheduled for Thursday, November 15!

As previously-announced, in order to help ensure that top Scavengers receive prizes they can actually USE, we will be holding a special event on Thursday, November 15 to allow winners to PICK their prizes! We'll meet in the upstairs room at the Flat Iron Cafe (1114 Center Street in the Flats) for an optional dinner at 6:00 pm, with prize awards to follow. Potential winners will be notified as far in advance as possible because you will NEED to attend (or send someone in your place) in order to select your prize. As of this writing, it appears that individuals or teams that have accumulated 100 or more Scavenger images may be elgible for prizes but this is only an estimate and may change as more people post their photos.

But even if you won't be in the running for a prize, we hope you'll plan to join us anyway! In addition to a last chance to get together, we'll present a slideshow of ALL the Scavenger images and release the list of all their locations - and we have a few 'special' awards to present as well. Full details on the process for awarding prizes will be issued in writing to all Scavengers in advance of the event so that everyone will understnad the process - and details of the dinner will also be released soon. Watch this UPDATES page and your email for more information! We sincerely hope that YOU will plan to join us!

Join us on Sunday, September 16 for Our Next Field Trip!

Those people who joined us for the field trip in August were provided the opportunity to find a total of 15 Scavenger images! And those who hung around for the optional second loop were exposed to an additional 14! Don't let YOUR opportunity for such 'easy pickins' slip by - plan to join us on Sunday, September 16 at Noon for the next scheduled trip! We'll be meeting at the Marriott Residence Inn, located at 527 Prospect Avenue, for some quick Scavenger updates and a chance to see a little of this beautifully restored historic property before heading out to look for images. The Residence Inn is one of our primary prize sponsors and we're very grateful for their support. Mark your calendars NOW - and plan to join us on September 16!

Announcing a New Contest-Within-The-Contest!

As announced at the field trip on August 12, we are pleased to announce another mini-contest within the Scavenger Hunt itself! As most of you know, the Scavenger Hunt is sponsored by the Cleveland Photographic Society (CPS) as a part of its 125th Anniversary celebration during 2012. One of the reasons we chose to focus the Scavenger Hunt downtown is because the streets you're now walking and many of the buildings you're looking at were important in our history. To help tie the club's history to the present day, we invite you to combine a little reading, a little sleuthing and the Scavenging you're already doing - and we'll give a $50 gift card to the first person or team to solve the puzzle! Here's how this contest-within-the-contest works:

- A total of eleven Scavenger images were taken at the exact or approximate location where the CPS clubrooms have been located over the years.

- For the Club's 100th Anniversary in 1987, a short book to detail the Club's history was published. Click this link to read or download a pdf version of this book to learn about the Club and gather clues regarding our former meeting locations. Please be patient when you click this link - it may take awhile for the file to download, during which time nothing may appear to be happening.

- Once you've gathered a list of all the places we've met over the years, dating from 1887 to 2005, match your Scavenger pictures to the locations identified and email us with the image numbers. The first person or team to correctly identify all 11 images will win a $50 gift card! Note that you do NOT need to email the pictures themselves - merely the image numbers.

- Here's a few rules, guidelines and tips: 1. Not all of the buildings or addresses listed are included in the Scavenger Hunt. 2. Not all of the buildings remain and some of the addresses may not be an exact match - therefore some of the images may have been taken NEAR the location. 3. More than one image may represent a given location - you must include all of them in your list in order to win. 4. Our research tells us that 11 of our images match former CPS locations - if you're a better Historian than we are, then feel free to make your case - BUT, as always, the decision of the Scavenger judges is final. 5. Note that there is only ONE prize for this contest and that we are not making a distinction between individuals and teams. The FIRST OVERALL to correctly email the 11 image numbers will be deemed the winner.

- Should you have questions, please feel free to email us. We almost always respond to inquiries within 24 hours and we'll do our best to answer factual questions to help clear up any uncertainties. We sincerely hope that you'll consider taking on this extra challenge and take the time to learn a little bit more about just another of Cleveland's 'hidden gems' along the way!

By Popular Demand - a Name for Every Image!

After the last field trip, one of your fellow Scavengers came to us and asked if we could develop a 'common language' of image names that you could share amongst yourselves as you search. We took up the challenge and asked several of you to share the names you've been using - and those who attended the August 12 field trip were the first to receive a copy. Now its YOUR turn: Click this link to download a pdf file that contains a thumbnail of each Scavenger image and a descriptive name! Some are straightforward, while others are a little more whimsical, but regardless, we hope they'll help you communicate a little easier amongst yourselves - and maybe raise a smile or two along the way as well! Thanks so much to the DiPietros for the initial idea and to Explore Cleveland, Zehels and Two Hot Chicks and Him for helping provide the suggested names!

Join Us on Sunday, August 12 at Star Plaza at Noon!

As the Scavenger Hunt continues in full swing, we hope you'll take the time to join us on Sunday, 8/12 at Noon. We'll be meeting at Star Plaza, located at the intersection of Euclid, East 14th and Huron Road - right in front of the Wyndham Hotel and across form the PlayhouseSquare theatres. We'll have a special guest to talk to us for a few moments about the PlayhouseSquare District Development group that not only manages the theatres but also guides the development and revitalization of the entire surrounding area and then venture forth to explore some the lesser-traveled areas of Scavengerland in the northeast section of the map. But before we leave, we'll be making a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about a new contest-within-a-contest, with the chance to win a $50 gift card! After the field trip, we'll post all the details here for the rest of you - but Scavengers attending the field trip will be the FIRST TO KNOW! We hope YOU can join us on Sunday!

Another Image Change: Goodbye 117 and Hello 117a!

One of the challenges of running a program like this over many months in a dynamic urban area is that things are ever-changing! When we took the original image number 117, it was safely located outside the construction zone for the Flats East Bank project. Recently, however, the fencelines were moved further south and the image was placed behind the construction fence. Since no Scavenger picture will require you to trespass on marked private property, we've removed the original Image 117 and replaced it with the cleverly-named Image 117a. As usual, those who posted the original picture before it was withdrawn will receive full credit. Anyone posting the replacement will also receive full credit - but no one will receive credit for both. Fair enough? We thought so, too!

A Minor Image Change

Image 39 has received a bit of a facelift since our original image was taken! Its still in the same location and still looks kinda the same, but its a whole lot prettier now than it was. We won't be replacing the image on the website, but instead of looking for a tired-looking sorta rusty image, look for the shiny newer-looking version.

Clarification for Image 107 (Baker)

As you've probably guessed by now, not all in Scavengerland is always as it appears. While many of you have found image 107, the vantage point you've chosen has not always been correct. We won't give much away, but we will tell you that our image was taken from ground-level and from an area a little off the beaten path - and to help orient you a little more we've revised the image posted on the website to provide you with a few more visual clues. Please try to duplicate as many of the details in our photo in your own to let us know that you've 'stood where we stood'. Thanks!

Join Us on Sunday, July 15 at the Bike Rack at Noon!

Join us for the fourth Scavenger Hunt field trip on July 15. We'll be meeting at a neat new addition to the Downtown landscape - the Bike Rack. Located at 2148 East 4th Street, the Bike Rack is an urban oasis for those who commute via bicycle. With secure storage, locker and shower facilities, the Bike Rack is designed to foster a healthy and fun alternative to sitting in traffic. If you work Downtown, we hope you'll look around their facilities. Bike inspections, tune-ups and rentals are also available. For this trip, we'll be exploring the Gateway neighborhood, a wonderful mix of the old and the new with beautiful restored buildings that provide a mix of dining, shopping and apartment living. Thoughtfully tucked into this urban landscape are the Q Arena and Progressive Field, adding exciting destinations and some interesting public spaces to explore. Before or after the tour, you may want to stop in and dine at one of our nearby prize sponsors: the Clevelander Bar and Grille, Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues, Zocalo or Flannery's Pub. Hope to see YOU on Sunday!

New Enhancements to the Website and for Smartphone Scavengers!

We're always looking for ways to enhance your Scavenging experience and we're happy to announce a few improvements to make things a little easier for you:

First, we've added some features to help you sort the images you've already submitted from those you're still looking for. On the Images page, you'll find that the photos you haven't found are now grouped toward the top of the page, with those that have been submitted and approved grouped near the bottom. Now we've taken that a step further and added an interim feature to let you temporarily mark images you've already found but haven't had the chance to upload yet. This shifts those photos further down the page so that you can concentrate your efforts on those you're still scouring every nook and cranny of Downtown to find! To mark an image as 'found', click on the grey box next to the appropriate image as if you were going to upload., At the bottom of the page now appears the option to mark the image as 'Found'.

Second, for those of you using smartphones, you;ll find we've made it easier to see and sort your images on the go. We're still working on giving you the functionality to take and upload pictures directly from your phone, but until that's up and running, you can now quickly review all of your remaining photos in a simple grid view. to use your web-enabled phone in the field, simply login to the application by visiting Just like the web application, the images you've already submitted have been shifted off the main screen - and just like the web application, you can now quickly check off images you've found to help keep you focused on those you still need to find. To use this feature, simply enlarge any image and you'll find you have the option to mark it as 'Found'. Whiole we've concentrated on making sure the application works well with iPhone and Android phones, you should be able to use most of the features from any web-enabled phone. Regardless, please remember that your carrier will likely slap you with usage charges, so please keep that in mind (sorry for the buzzkill!)

All the Images Have Now Been Released - Time to Get Out and Get Scavenging!

Many of you have yet to post your first image - and many have told us that they were waiting for all the images to be released before they started. With the release of photos 101 thru 125, our job is done - and now its your turn! There's lots to see and do Downtown - and we honestly think that once you get out there and get started, you'll get caught up in the thrill of the Hunt as so many of your fellow Scavengers already have. In addition to our monthly field trips, we're planning on adding some more opportunities for you to get out in a group environment if that's what's been holding you back - but we also know that once you get Downtown you'll find its pretty easy to find your way around and a lot cleaner and safer than you may have thought. We'll be looking for YOUR images soon!

More Prize Donors Added!

Thanks to the law firm of Tucker, Ellis for joining our list of prize donors with a sunstantial contribution! Other recently-added prize donors include the Hard Rock Cafe - and a prize we think some of you might really enjoy: an opportunity for one of your photos to appear in a book by the number one seller of Camera Guide Books - David Busch! Thanks to these and all our prize donors for helping to provide you that extra little incentive to keep Scavenging!

Change to Image Number 52

Apparently the building owner had some extra grey paint and some time on his hands - and had the audacity to re-paint the door depicted in Image 52! So stop looking for the distinctive red door and start looking for the less-distinctive grey door instead (its still red around the address number, however, if that helps). If you found the stylish red door already, there's nothing more you need to do. If you still need this image, just look for grey instead of red - both count equally (and no, you can't post both for extra credit!)

Plan to Join Us on Sunday, June 10 for the Next Field Trip!

There are a few things different about the field trip on Sunday, June 10 - we hope you'll like them and will take the time to join us! First off, this will be the last time we change the starting time on you. This trip will begin at 1:30 pm and will depart from the Flat Iron Cafe. (All future field trips will begin at Noon). The Flat Iron is an iconic Cleveland landmark - a genuine Irish Pub, serving quality food in a fun atmosphere for over 100 years! They are located at 1114 Center Street in the Flats - and they'll serve as the starting point for a trip through this interesting part of the City. We'll have the second floor seating area reserved just for us - and they'll be open for lunch, so plan to come a little early if you like! The Flat Iron is a prize donor and supporter of the Scavenger Hunt, so keep them in mind for a quick meal while you're downtown looking for images. We also have a surprise for you! When you arrive for the field trip, you're likely to be greeted by a famous person from Cleveland history, courtesy of our friends at the Historic Gateway Neighborhood Corporation. This non-profit group assists in the ongoing development of the historic Gateway and Warehouse District neighborhoods - helping to build a better, brighter Cleveland while respecting its past. They sponsor a series of free Take a Hike Tours in and around the downtown area and will have information available at the field trip. To learn more, visit the Historic Gateway Neighborhood Corporation. Hope YOU'LL plan to join us on Sunday!

Say Goodbye to Image Number 70 - and Hello to Image 70a!

While we do our best to keep things consistent for you, sometimes things happen that are out of our control! Before we release any new images, we do a quick check to ensure that everything is still there and looking exactly like the picture we posted. That was the case when we posted image number 70 - but our dear friends at the Water Department had other plans! Image 70 was located on the plaza next to the Public Utilities Building at East 12th and Lakeside Avenue. It was a concrete cap with the Water Department logo and words etched around the perimeter that included the word 'Service', which comprised the contest image. Little did we know that this very permanent-looking cap was really just a temporary cover for a fountain - which is now pleasantly bubbling away where the 'Service' cap used to be! Here's how things like this work: we have posted a new image, cleverly titled '70a' on the Images page. If you already found the original image 70, you don't need to do anything else. If you didn't find image 70, simply start looking for image 70a instead. And in case you're wondering, there's no 'extra credit' for finding both (we're not real fond of brown-nosers....) Sorry about that - but thanks to those of you eagle-eyed Scavengers who helped alert us to the issue!

Next Batch of Images WIll Be Released On or About Friday, June 8

While we normally release new images on the 10th of each month, June's field trip is scheduled a little earler so we're releasing images 76 through 100 a day or two in advance to help you prepare (or get a jump start!) Images are automatically loaded into your accounts as soon as they become available and we'll try to get an email to you as well, but keep your eyes peeled...

While You're Out Scavenging, Why Not Also Join the Downtown Cleveland Photo Challenge?

One of our Partners in the Hunt is the Downtown Cleveland Alliance - the folks that help keep downtown safe, clean and attractive for all visitors and make it easy for you to find your way around. They are sponsoring the fifth Downtown Photo Challenge - and you're invited to participate! Between now and August 17th, you can submit images that fall into the following categories: People, Old is New or Urban Cycling. Here's your chance to show off your awesome photography skills and possible win a prize - for full details, visit the Downtown Photo Challenge.

Be the First to Ninety Images and Win a Prize!

As an incentive for Scavengers to get out and keep canvassing for images, we've introduced an interim contest: be the first individual or Team to find and post ninety images and you'll win! The individual winner will win two tickets to see the Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom Music Center this summer - your choice of concerts and ANY seat location, from lawn to the most expensive pavilion seats! The top Team will win four free admissions to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and a $50 gift card to spend as they wish! Special thanks to the Cleveland Orchestra and Fifth Third Bank for providing these prizes!

Image Update - We Broke the Rules a Little!

In fairness ot all participants, we're letting you know that one of the contest images was taken outside the Scavenger Hunt map zone! As you review the images, it'll probably be easy to figure out which one - but if you'd like a hint, please remember that Dodd Camera is one of our major prize donors and they're located at East 30th Street and Carnegie...

Don’t Forget - Our First Field Trip is THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 15!

Mark your calendars and lets hit the streets together! The first Scavenger Hunt Field Trip is scheduled for this Sunday, April 15. We’ll gather at Noon at Tower City Center on the Prospect Avenue level (look for our signs and banners). Rain or shine, we’ll head out onto Public Square and beyond to look for Scavenger images. This is the first of seven field trips we’ll conduct - each departing from a different location within the Scavenger Hunt area. If you haven’t started the Hunt yet, this is a great time to get out and get going - we hope to see YOU this Sunday!

New Images are Now Available!

Registered Scavengers might want to take a look in your accounts - the second batch of 25 photos has now been released! New photos are automatically populated to your image list, and the downloadable file of photos has also been updated. And if you’re not already registered, what’s holding you back???? Its fun, its free and the prize list keeps growing - sign up today! (The next batch of images will be released on or about the 10th of May).

More prize donors announced!

While you’re working hard to find all the images in the Scavenger hunt, we’re working hard to make sure your efforts are rewarded! We’re pleased to announce another round of major prize donors to give you a little more incentive to get out and start or keep Scavenging. Special thanks to the Residence Inn by Marriott, located in the beautiful Colonial Marketplace, for the donation of two one night stays, complete with breakfast and parking! Other generous prize donors include: the Cleveland Orchestra, Home City Ice, Fifth Third Bank, Cleveland Pops Orchestra, Medical Mutual of Ohio, Holden Arboretum, Crooked River T’ai Chi Ch’uan Center, Sans Souci restaurant at the Renaissance Hotel, Clevelander Bar & Grill, Eddie’s Pizzeria Cerino and Eddie & Eddie Restaurant, House of Blues, Flannery’s Pub, First Merit Bank, Grumpy’s Cafe and Zocalo Restaurant. For links to the websites of all of our prize donors, be sure to check the Partners page of this website - and, as you wander through downtown looking for photos, please remember these generous sponsors and stop in to say thanks!

Date, Time and Location of First Field Trip Announced!

The first Scavenger Hunt Field Trip will take place on Sunday, April 15, beginning at 12:00 Noon. Tower City Center has graciously donated space for us on the Prospect Avenue level between Euclid and Prospect as a meeting point! Enter off Prospect Avenue by Houlihans or enter off Public Square - look for the directional signs and banners to find us. At the field trip, you'll have a chance to sign-up for the Hunt if you haven't already registered (remember that participation is completely free of charge), hear a little about the area covered by the day's field trip, have any of your questions about the Hunt answered, receive your official 'I'm a Photo Scavenger' button to identify you to participating sponsors (more on this coming soon!), and have a chan ce nto ask a photography-related question or two. Mark your calendars now and plan to join us. We'll get started at Noon and the loosely-organized field trip will last until about 2:00 pm. Remember, you can always email us with any questions. Hope to see YOU on 4/15!

Initial round of prize donors announced!

While the Scavenger Hunt is primarily designed to bring people downtown and explore all our City has to offer, we're doing our best to offer some incentive and provide rewards for your efforts! The following have committed prizes to the winners of the contest and many more are in the works. Watch this page for further updates and please remember to visit the Partners page of this site to link to these and all of our sponsors! Special thanks to: Dodd Camera, Calfee, Halter and Griswold, PlayhouseSquare, Wyndham Hotel - Cleveland, Cleveland Metroparks, Neo Pro Imaging, Great Lakes Science Center, Alvie's Gateway Grille, Barley House restaurant, Camera City, Bucci's J Bella restaurant, The Mad Cactus - and more to come!

Promotional Partners Sign-On!

To help us spread the word about the Photo Scavenger Hunt, we're very pleased to announce that the Downtown Cleveland Alliance and Cool have agreed to sign-on as our promotional partners - thank you!!!